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Utility Piping System and IBR Pipe Fittings

Once oil and gas are located and the well is successfully drilled and completed, The Utility Piping System must be transported to a facility. The utility pipes are used in many projects like : chilled water piping of bakery, jacketed process piping and associated hot water circuits, Main steam header installation and hot water storage tank. The utility piping system, can handle both steam system high pressure steam and low pressure steam.

IBR stands for Indian boiler regulation. The IBR Pipe Fittings are widely used in India. They are lots of manufacturer of ibr pipe system. The IBR pipe fittings installed in the pipelines for give complete assurance of leak proof and continuous supply of material through the system. The pipe fittings used in gas, chemical, petrochemical and some other industries. The pipe fittings system are specially designed for high temperature applications.

Utility Piping System and IBR Pipe Fittings

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